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  • Podcast Interview

    Published by: Paula Mattson-Sarli08/16/2016

    Thank you to Debbie DeChambeau of Select Business Team for the opportunity to be on your podcast.  Just another reason to love Select Business Team.

  • Timing is everything…

    Published by: Paula Mattson-Sarli02/26/2016

    When a crisis happens we go into survival mode.  We gather necessary supplies and hunker down. But if we failed to plan for that crisis, then those supplies and a place to hunker down may not be there.  I see so many times on social media,  individuals asking for prayers for their family or friends […]

  • Hold a Family Meeting to Explain Your Estate Plan

    Published by: Paula Mattson-Sarli10/30/2014

    Parents are often reluctant to share their estate plans with their adult children.  Some may feel it is a private matter, only to be unveiled after their death.  Many are afraid of creating relationship problems within the family, for example if one child is chosen to be a trustee or executor over the others or […]