Timing is everything…

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When a crisis happens we go into survival mode.  We gather necessary supplies and hunker down. But if we failed to plan for that crisis, then those supplies and a place to hunker down may not be there.  I see so many times on social media,  individuals asking for prayers for their family or friends who are dealing with a tragedy.  I feel for them on so many levels.  I have experienced tragedy in my life and so I can empathize.  I also know the grieving process is difficult and there is no set of rules or guidelines for how to handle it.  But the prevailing thought I have is, “I hope they had a plan in place for their loved ones.”  Call it occupational hazard.

I have a family member in the hospital now and I feel helpless.  I can only give advice after the fact now.  I can only hope and pray that the outcome is one that allows for another day to be available to get a plan in place.  Fortunately this family member is doing well and I know with her strength of spirit that she will pull through.  She has a loving and supportive family that won’t allow her to give up the fight; not that she ever would.

So, if you’re reading this post, just know that it comes from a good place.  It’s not to criticize or shame anyone.  It’s not to drive business.  It’s my way of venting.  Procrastination is such a weapon against us in all aspects of our lives.  Let tomorrow actually be the day that you take the next step towards the fulfillment of your goals.  Whatever they may be.

Update:  On Friday, March 4th, surrounded by family, our beloved Aunt was called home.